1. Our success is a victory for purity, integrity — for giving a damn.
    — Apple design buddha Jonny Ive channeling the Baldwin& mantra in a rare interview. 

  2. museumuesum:

    Fiona Banner

    Ampersand, 2013

    Neon, paper template, wire, transformer, 115.5 x 85 x 17.7 cm



  3. anthonyburrill:

    Ampersand - Woodblock print for Print & Paste (2014)

    Excellent. & relevant to our interests. 


  4. This is the branding and packaging work for Durham, NC-based Ponysaurus Brewing Co. 

    We made it. We also drank some of it. Which helped us make it.

    If you’d like to partake of the pony, visit ponysaurusbrewing.com to see where it’s pouring.


  5. Negroponte’s team didn’t explain how the devices work or even open the boxes. Nonetheless, the children soon learned to play back the alphabet song and taught themselves to write letters. They also figured out how to use the tablet’s camera. This was impressive because the organization had disabled camera usage.

    “They hacked Android,” Negroponte says.

    — From this fascinating article on the hidden power of free thinking, and how Sugata Mitra’s radical notions of independent learning could change our approach to education forever.

  6. Rebrand Raleigh is a little (for now) Instagram experiment we cooked up, to help us reconnect with our city through a constant reimagining of its visual i.d.

    One designer. Two weeks. A new visual identity for Raleigh, NC. Repeat.

    Follow the project @rebrandraleigh on Instagram.


  7. The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right.
    — Richard Feynman on the physics of rubber bands and basically everything else.

  8. Digital Grotesque is the first fully immersive, solid, human-scale, enclosed structure that is entirely 3D printed out of sand.

    A sentence like that couldn’t have existed even a few months ago. We welcome our 3D printing computer programming artist genius overlords.


  9. theatlantic:

    Travel to the Galapagos With Google Street View

    In May, Google sent a team of trekkers to the Galapagos Islands to travel the terrain and dive in the seas, collecting images for its Street View tool.

    Today, after a few months spent processing those images, Google has released the Street View sites, giving users everywhere the opportunity to explore these unique ecosystems remotely.

    Read more. [Image: Google]

    Antidote to scary geopolitical nation state posturing: Google Sea Lion Street View.


  10. From a series of “untranslatable” words from other cultures. Is there a word for “the gaping maw of emptiness one feels when one desires a taco but is surrounded only by non-taco options”?

    Via Utne and NPR.